Client Experience - Business Datacenter Recovered in the Cloud in Under 3 Hours

The Problem

  • The client has 15 servers running on-premise in their own server room, consisting of Windows servers running in a VMware virtualization environment

  • During a disaster recovery simulation a scenario was run to test the timeliness of offsite recovery of the client environment. The scenario involved a combined minor flood and resultant power event.Due to a major power event in their building, power was cut off for several days and minor flooding prevented safe removal of the equipment from the datacenter

  • The projected outage and loss of access to data was projected to cost the company over $20,000 per day

The Solution

  • Dolce Vita was protecting the client’s business with Sempreon Remote Monitoring and Management and DATTO business continuity

  • With the client’s approval the RMM system was used to remotely power down all of the datacenter, including all of the servers and the power supply which was supplied temporary power by generator. While the datacenter was being shut down DVITS was working with DATTO to power up all of the offsite server images, and the client was organizing an offsite facility for essential personnel, and disaster recovery workstations were organized

The Impact

  • The fact that a business continuity plan was in place meant that the essential personnel were able to begin accessing their network environment via the offsite recovery environment in under 3 hours.

  • The client was able to operate with essential personnel until the flooding had stopped and the building could be safely occupied, and the data changes on the offsite images were restored to the client’s onsite environment.

  • The financial impact to the client was minimal due to the ability to run all servers using recovery images in the secure cloud.

Client Experience - Theft of Sensitive Patient Date Prevented by SIEM System

Client Experience - Theft of Sensitive Patient Date Prevented by SIEM System