Client Experiences - HIPAA data attack prevented by SIEM system

doctors performing surgery

The Problem

  • This business deals with insurance, HR benefits, and sensitive healthcare data on a daily basis

  • The business environment requires multiple secured connections to partners and vendors for automated secure data dumps

  • Although the environment is small it is subject to attack and contains a small number of IoT devices, including printers

  • After nearly 7 months with minimal activity, the SIEM system alerts to a printer which is attempting to access a sensitive local server using a series of different accounts.

The Solution

  • Dolce Vita had implemented EventTracker SIEM system and integrated it with the client’s servers

  • The SIEM system immediately alerted to this highly unusual behavior, allowing the administrators to locate the relevant IoT device and shut down the attack

The Impact

  • The attack was detected in time to avoid theft of client data by providing timely and actionable security intelligence