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IT consulting services start at $95/hour and are normally customized into monthly fixed-price packages based upon client requirements

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By far one of the most significant services that we offer is IT infrastructure management... this deals with the day-to-day process of ensuring that a businesses IT systems are running 24/7 in order to properly support the business. Our clients want us to provide infrastructure support because we attend to all of the behind-the-scenes matters such as hardware and software management, updates, and IT security issues. They find that it is far more cost-effective to have Dolce Vita proactively manage their systems than to wait for a costly outage. This decision makes their business more responsive, reliable, and competitive.



Managed Services

The term "managed services" refers to a suite of services which can be packaged based upon a specific client's work environment and requirements. The value of managed services is the flexibility in how they can be used for a client and the additional reliability and security they provide. Some specific examples:

Sempreon Remote Monitoring and Management (Sempreon RMM)

Remote Monitoring and Management is an exceptionally important service which we run on every one of our client sites. This system monitors all critical network-attached devices and alerts us (and the client’s IT group) of any significant issues. This can range from server room temperature and humidity to disk space, a failed backup, or an issue with software updates. It provides for real-time and performance trend monitoring of devices and allows administrative tasks to be handled behind the scenes often before the client is aware of an issue. Our job is to make IT run in such a way that it is so transparent, the company doesn't have to worry about it. Sempreon RMM allows us to automate many management and remediation tasks. This makes the IT systems run more effectively, which improves the productivity of the users in a business. Less downtime increases profitability!

Sempreon MaaS360

Most businesses have important data such as email and attachments which end up on mobile devices, and they currently have no way to control how those devices are used and protected. MaaS360 gives the ability to have visibility of where devices are, to keep company data in a secure, remotely wiped container on devices. It also allows for remotely locking and completely wiping a device. The secure container means that bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is more feasible and much easier to manage. This also makes BYOD less risky for businesses.

Internet Failover

LTE-based internet failover provides redundant internet for businesses who rely upon cloud-based systems such as Office 365, GSuite, or other cloud-based business systems such as electronic medical records. This provides cost-effective internet uptime to businesses who are completely reliant upon the cloud for access to their data.



Sempreon DATTO Business Continuity

A key area of concern for businesses is availability of information... for many businesses the availability of their data can mean the difference between thriving revenue and going out of business. Sempreon DATTO provides business continuity which allows business information to be recovered extremely quickly...in many cases a failed server can be recovered in under 15 minutes, even for small businesses. DATTO is used for reliable local and cloud-based storage, as well as for exceptionally reliable backup of Office 365 and Google Suite environments.



Information Security

Whether or not a business has to be concerned with compliance, they do have to worry about the security of their information. Businesses who work in compliance environments such as healthcare, finance, and insurance are especially concerned with this. Security encompasses all of the details of ensuring the data in a business is kept confidential and available to the appropriate users. From ensuring software remains up-to-date to monitoring to verify proper antivirus and anti-SPAM scanning is being done, IT security also means that we ensure information is backed up correctly and that it is recoverable.

Security and Network Assessments - Dolce Vita performs periodic network and security assessments for our clients based upon their regulatory environments. These assessments are used to evaluate an organization's security posture and provide guidance for needed changes.

Antivirus and anti-SPAM - Dolce Vita uses centrally managed anitvirus and anti-SPAM in conjunction with a 24/7 staffed security operations center.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) - DVITS strongly recommends the use of MFA in specific environments to provide additional access security.



Hosted Exchange and Cloud Computing

The collaboration features of a Microsoft Exchange email system with 99.999% uptime which is hosted with redundant servers in the cloud. This is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to provide corporate email and email security.

Cloud-based servers are a great option for organizations who need 99.999% uptime with their information systems. Sempreon cloud-based systems are hosted from SOC and HIPAA compliant facilities. This provides centralization of IT assets in a secure cloud, and simplification of IT assets inside each facility resulting in more cost-effective operations. 

Cloud-based synched storage is a cost-effective way for smaller organizations to share data in a secure manner and make it available to mobile users.