Dolce Vita IT Solutions LLC provides Oklahoma businesses with a professional and proactive outsourced IT department. With DVITS, business owners and managers are pleased to find that they can let us handle the technology support and allow them to focus on their organization's core mission.

If you are serious about wanting a reliable and professional IT environment, call us today at 405-348-1192!


Why Work with DVITS?

Frustrated by endless downtime and poor responsiveness from your current IT provider? Our relentless focus on small and mid-sized businesses allows us to maintain an excellent record of responsiveness, reliability, and client satisfaction. If you need IT to be reliable, call us and we can make IT easy. Call us at 405-348-1192 today!

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Services Customized to Your Requirements

We have over 30 years of IT consulting experience in a wide variety of businesses ranging from medical and financial to precision manufacturing and HR benefits. Outsourcing your IT management to a highly qualified Managed Services Provider (MSP) lets you focus on your business and leave the network, security, and computer problems in the hands of experts. Businesses with compliance requirements such as SOC, HIPAA, and FISMA are confident with the service provided by Dolce Vita IT Solutions.

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Resources & Insights for Our Customers

As an IT consulting company, we do much more than simply manage information technology for our clients. We are deeply involved in strategic initiatives such as compliance preparation, corporate relocations, and cloud computing initiatives such as Hosted Exchange and cloud-based services. We regularly publish whitepapers and articles which are used by executives in planning business operations.

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Who Do We Serve?

We take pride in our record of maintaining organizations' business continuity and are committed to ensuring our clients' needs are met. In short, if your data is important (can't work without it), or sensitive (can't afford to disclose it), Dolce Vita IT Solutions is who you need to talk to. DVITS currently serves businesses including:

- Healthcare & Clinical
- Precision Manufacturing
- Financial Services and Insurance
- Energy Operations
- HR and Benefits Companies
- Education and Non-Profits

“They helped us identify problems we didn’t even know we had, leading to improving our entire operating system in the clinic. I have been extremely happy with them and continue to use their services as well as refer them to my colleagues.”
— Dr. Brett Odum, Odum Chiropractic Clinic, Edmond

Why Work with DVITS?


We want to know more about the business challenges which you are facing. See how our fixed price managed IT services can protect your business. You can manage your costs, have excellent IT, and be assured of solid security.

  • We are focused - on the preservation of your cash flow and the protection of your data.

  • We are experienced - in a wide variety of verticals from healthcare and clinical environments to financial and precision manufacturing companies.

  • We are consistent and methodical – everything we do is supported by standardized checklists and procedures, and is supported by best practices.

  • We are responsive – we work to respond within 15 minutes of being notified of an issue.

  • We are relentless - about making your IT systems more reliable. Better IT reliability = more user productivity = more profits to your business

  • We continuously strive - for technology that supports your business revenue growth and objectives. We work to understand your business challenges and develop a long-term IT strategy which eliminates roadblocks.


Engaging with Dolce Vita

Getting started with Dolce Vita IT Solutions is easy. We will want to know more about your business and your operations to evaluate whether we might be a good fit for your business. Typically we follow the following process:

  • We execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect both organizations

  • We will send a customized survey based upon your industry and some of the problems which you have told us about...this helps both organizations to prepare to meet

  • We come onsite to meet your executive team and discuss your business and your specific challenges. We want to understand more about what issues are inhibiting reliability as well as business growth and cash flow, so that we can evaluate technologies which can improve the situation

  • We will meet with you to review our proposal and recommended priorities, and evaluate how our performance and your progress can be measured

  • An agreement with Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions is executed

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