Data Recovery Testing

Data Recovery Testing

Don’t sweat the ghosts and goblins of Halloween. If you want a real fright, try recovering your business data without a plan!

Last month we discussed the importance of performing a Business Impact Assessment which identifies what critical data is in the environment, where it is located, how it is being backed up, how frequently it is backed up, and how quickly it would need to be restored to have an acceptable impact on the company. It is important that the executive team have a workable plan in place so that data can be recovered. The BIA also helps show where there may be a separation between the importance of a data set and how quickly that data can be recovered.

This month, Dolce Vita performed data recovery for two medical office clients. In one of the cases, we recovered the entire medical records system without a hitch. Since there was a recovery plan in place, the recovery was performed seamlessly without any impact to patient care. In the vast majority of cases where businesses are backing up data, they have no restoration procedures. They also have no idea how to restore different data sets. This can be as simple as a restore of a QuickBooks company file, or as complex as a restoration of multiple servers from an offsite data center. Dolce Vita recommends the following for ALL types of businesses:

  • Know what business critical data you have

  • Know where this data resides and how it is backed up

  • Ensure that written documentation exists for the restoration of each data set and keep a full copy offsite

  • Verify that ALL critical data is also backed up offsite

  • Periodically use the documentation to perform restore tests of specific data sets and ensure that any discrepancies are corrected. Make sure the documentation is updated to note any changes

  • Ensure that email systems and websites are included in this planning

Would you like us to show you the risks and limitations of your current systems?

Our onsite audit can unveil some problems…

From now until October 31st, we are offering a $500 Business Impact Assessment (a $1000-$2000 value) with no cost or obligation. We will work with you to start a routine Business Impact Assessment, and will assist with the risk evaluation process. In addition, we will run a scan of your network shared data with a listing of current user access rights. This assessment is focused on identifying ways to make your systems more recoverable and more secure.

To claim your Business Impact Assessment, call us at 405-822-7912. This offer expires October 31, 2018.

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