Think You're Safe From Ransomware?

Think again. You can be hit anywhere at any time. 

Those who have been through Dolce Vita's ransomware risk training have a better understanding than most users about the damage that this exploit can cause. We have included some useful resources below. Take full advantage of these and encourage your users to utilize the online training links.  

It is crucial to remember from your training - prevention beats remediation ANYTIME.

Content for planning purposes

  • Risk assessment spreadsheet - document the locations/paths and risk to your critical business data.  This sheet is a living document which will change with time as your data storage and requirements change.  It will help to prioritize your business continuity efforts.
  • User "cheat-sheet" - this document can be printed out as a reminder to your users what to do if they suspect a ransomware compromise - this situation is EXTREMELY time sensitive, minutes count!

Immediate action items

  • Photo of any warning message, immediately shut down and disconnect network and power from the potentially affected workstation
  • Notify supervisor and note the time, user, device with the possible infection

  • Notify IT and be prepared to disconnect the network and internet in accordance with DR plan

  • Generally infected workstation must be rebuilt from scratch, servers have to be restored from backups

Want to know the ransomware risks in your organization?  This FREE ransomware system audit can be eye-opening…

In June we are offering a FREE ransomware audit – a $2500 value, with no cost or obligation. We will come to your office and review your current systems, including updates and email and anti-SPAM, antivirus, and backups to indicate the state of risk to ransomware. We will make recommendations to help to reduce your risks.

Think you are safe from ransomware? Think again. Anyone can be hit at any time… reduce your risk!

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