Does IT reliability seem like a bridge too far?

Does IT reliability seem like a bridge too far?

Every month or so, we meet with a potential client who lists the following as concerns with their information technology:

  • Data is not stored in a consistent manner or is difficult for users to locate

  • Areas of the building periodically lose their network connection, including across wireless connections

  • The business does not have any HR or other policies which provide acceptable use guidelines for users

  • No-one knows what data actually resides on protected storage (such as backed-up servers) and what data users are keeping on their local workstations

  • The business does not have any business continuity or disaster recovery plan for their data

  • Information security is questionable (if it exists at all)

These businesses include manufacturers, medical clinics, and municipalities (just looking at the past quarter)…If this sounds like your business, give us a call. Our approach is logical and not very mysterious:

  • We execute a non-disclosure agreement to protect both businesses

  • We meet with the executive team and/or stakeholder group to listen and understand the business challenges and the current functional problems

  • We work with the business to prioritize the challenges to be addressed in order to resolve root causes

  • We contribute “boiler-plate” policy documents which are easily adjusted for the specific business…this helps to put “teeth” into the remediation plan

  • As we work through the remediation plan and get issues resolved, the management team verifies our progress

  • We design and gradually implement logical, manageable, and reliable IT infrastructure

  • We implement logical information security, including business continuity to protect the business

  • We are available 24/7 to help!

If this approach would help you, then give us a call at 405-822-7912 today! We make IT simple!

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