What is internet failover and why is it important?

When we look at the businesses with important or sensitive data, it is absolutely mind-boggling how many never consider the impact of downtime due to destruction of their data. But how about those businesses who store data or otherwise run business-critical processes from the cloud?

  • Quickbooks Online and other web-based accounting software

  • Cloud-based client relationship management (CRM) systems

  • Cloud insurance and benefits portals

  • Medical records systems

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

These are just a few of the critical systems which run from the cloud.

So what happens if the internet circuit goes down?

Dolce Vita offers LTE failover for your internet which can be performed from an appropriate firewall, or we can add an LTE modem to existing firewalls which support failover to another circuit.

No wires to be moved.

No phone calls to be made.

If the primary circuit fails, then within moments the LTE internet connection takes over and is transparent to your business users.

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Does IT reliability seem like a bridge too far?

Does IT reliability seem like a bridge too far?

Is it business continuity or is it backup? Does it really matter?