Business Continuity and Internet in remote areas - How important is internet access to your business?

Business Continuity and Internet in remote areas - How important is internet access to your business?

Internet Failover

When Dolce Vita works with businesses on the setup of their business continuity it is important to ensure that the importance of cloud-based resources be considered. Many businesses have migrated at least a portion of their critical infrastructure to the cloud. Whether it is Quickbooks Online, their medical records management, or other resources, an internet outage can really impact workflow, with a resulting impact on cash flow!

Dolce Vita IT Solutions has been offering internet failover options for over two years which are reliable and extremely cost-effective. These options allow the client to seamlessly have their internet failover to 4G LTE cellular in the event their regular internet goes down. This failover occurs without moving any cabling and without phone calls…the users don’t even notice.

Internet in underserved communities

Smaller communities have businesses which rely upon solid and reliable internet…and the only internet available is satellite or cable which can be slow and unreliable. Our system can be used as either a failover or as the primary internet connection in these areas. With flat data rates regardless of usage, this could be the answer you have been looking for! Call us to arrange a 2-week free trial!

Internet Access in Remote Areas, jobsites, rigsites, auctions, etc.

Most of Oklahoma, south Kansas, and the Texas Panhandle has decent 4G LTE coverage.

Construction sites and well sites - Our systems are being used to provide temporary multiple wireless networks for jobsites which need internet access without high data charges. Multiple wireless networks can be used to accommodate multiple groups at a job site.

Wind power sites - Our systems are portable - packed with everything required in weatherproof cases, our units are easy to setup. Just connect the antennas, power up the firewall, and go! We can even remotely manage your networks…if you need an additional network, just call us and we configure it from our office for you! When you are ready to move just power down, disconnect the antennas, pack in the case and go!

Portable internet connectivity - if data transfers are needed from the field, simply plug in the firewall and use the wireless network to upload large amounts of data without variable data usage charges. Then pack it up and move!

An important part of the business impact assessment is understanding not only what functions are degraded with an internet outage for business continuity, but looking at what can be gained if internet is available in specific circumstances. It adds to an organization’s uptime, workflow and competitiveness! Call us at 405-822-7912 to find out how LTE networking may be able to make your business more profitable!

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